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Hair Extensions

Hair Salon Wembley Hair Extensions

Kobe Cut Hair Design  works with the highest quality human hair extensions from Amorehair.


Unlike other extensions on the market, Amorehair extensions are gentle on your existing hair. This is because we use no glues, waxes or weaving but rather a sophisticated hair extension procedure where micro cylinders expertly link your hair extensions to your existing hair.


Finer heads of hair generally require around 50-150 hair extensions. Average density heads require approximately 150-200 hair extensions and heavier density hair 200 or more hair extensions. Each extension takes just about a minute to attach.


Amorehair Technology is more durable than other extensions because they are the only extensions that can be reused and reattached. Amorehair uses only “remy hair” from the french word ‘remis’ which means that the hair is collected with the cuticle layer facing the same direction from root to tip just as they do in your natural hair. This collection process is a critical part of ensuring that the hair does not tangle when made into extensions.

Pricing ranges from $500 (for finer hair) to $2000 (for very coarse hair).

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I love Hair Salon Wembley.. they're the best hairdressers in Perth and super friendly too....
-- Simon Duck

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